Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Lyrical Love

We were lyrics to the perfect melody,
As if it were a duet with just you and me.

In the beginning we sang a majestical tune.
we were perfect together like the stars with the moon.

But after awhile, our tempo changed,
Some confusion had our rhythm rearranged.

Somehow you included a deceptive verse.
and my delusory continued to make things worse.

Sadly it became a wretched remix.
It was a bitter beat with some unwanted lyrics.

Slowly but surely our song began to fade.
Woefully our duet had been outplayed.

I never expected the relationship to plunder.
Maybe we were just a one hit wonder?


That deceptive verse proceeded to play in my head.
Because once again I fell for everything that he said.

And once again he went on to prove me wrong.
I now know it’s the same old beat to the same old song.

This time I was sure his lyrics were true,
but he knew he messed up, even apologized too.

Sadly those words "I'm sorry" have lost their meaning.
Everything he's done wrong is all that he's singing.

That deceptive verse might as well be the chorus.
It seems that's all that ever occurs between us.

That one hit wonder could have had its comeback eventually.
But that deceptive verse replayed itself again, "unintentionally".

That song won't get radio plays ever again.
Because that verse guaranteed all we'll ever be is friends.

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