Sunday, June 22, 2014

TATTOO RAGRETS? = Laser Tattoo Removal!

Tattooing is a beautiful craft when done with a purpose. The craft is becoming more commonly accepted and less of a taboo. The permanency of tattoos is what makes them more meaningful but the permanency can also result in “ragrets.” All too often I see tattoos misspelled, disproportionate, discolored and sometimes just straight out ugly. Whether with regrets or just a really bad tattoo there is always the option to get laser tattoo removal. This is a blessing for all. Many companies will not hire a person with visible tattoos. You might get away with a breast cancer awareness ribbon on your wrist but if you are aiming for a serious job or career, the tattoos won’t make the cut. For others who are simply turning their lives around, living with a visual reminder of a lifestyle that they are moving on from can make it hard to make that transition. Fortunately there are companies like New Look Laser Tattoo Removal that specialize in laser tattoo removal. With top of the line laser technology, they are able to break up the ink pigment and avoid damage to your skin’s tissue. Sometimes mistakes in life are not always fixable or even worth trying to mend. As far as tattoos, there is hope for society and the fact that tattoos can be erased. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful to see society become more accepting of individual’s freedom of expression which is something I never take for granted. It is what IS taken for granted that makes tattoo removal great for society as a whole. People will be able to move on with their lives and not have permanent reminders of the mistakes they or a tattoo artist once made. Take a look at the video to see how it's done!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fantasy Football is for Females too! :]

At the end of this summer of few of my brother’s bros started up a Fantasy Football league. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play so the guys were kind enough to let me be a part of their league on the NFLsite.

I had no idea, I mean completely clueless as to how to play Fantasy Football.
After signing up, I was told to do a mock draft to get a feel of what the real draft would seem like. I was also advised to have at least 3-4 players in mind for each offensive position. I figured out that we only choose an individual team’s entire defense, not individual players. 

When it came time for the actual draft, the advice did no justice for me. I had looked through the list of players and their ranks and made a list of the top for in each category (QB, RB, WR, TE, & W/R). 

My list was pretty much useless and all the legit point-makers were taken. I ended up with a decent team “for a girl” (insert eye roll here)  in the Lovin’ Life league. 

Luckily the guys created a new league because most of them had to automate their draft the first time. So I was able to get some better advice from a few friends who have FF experience. I was told that Vick (Eagle’s QB) racks up points. I figured I could get Vick in the first round and then have decent running backs to get points, although my running backs haven’t helped my team as much as I had hoped. 

My team in the I’m Your Daddy league (thank Kim Rampaul for the league names), overall, looked potentially better than the first team. All that was left was to figure out how to choose and switch out players for each week.

When NFL kicked off with the Greenbay V.S. Saints I had completely forgot about setting my FF team for the week. Luckily I only had Greg Jennings in play so I was able to adjust my other players.

Adjusting players seemed simple, just follow the projections and I’d be fine right? Wrong! After the first two weeks of playing Fantasy Football, I have learned that most of the projections are way off. I also learned that I need to look at the players to see if they are inactive, injured, and who their defender will be for the week in order to choose wisely.

The first week I proved that I actually had an understanding of Fantasy Football by ranking # 3 in the I’m Your Daddy league even though I am currently ranked 5 after week 2. (This is the team I pay more attention to)

So far I enjoy playing Fantasy Football. . .It is helping maintain an overall view of the NFL and the players. I’ll be sure to update everyone halfway through and at the end of the season to see how well I end up doing :]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Lyrical Love

We were lyrics to the perfect melody,
As if it were a duet with just you and me.

In the beginning we sang a majestical tune.
we were perfect together like the stars with the moon.

But after awhile, our tempo changed,
Some confusion had our rhythm rearranged.

Somehow you included a deceptive verse.
and my delusory continued to make things worse.

Sadly it became a wretched remix.
It was a bitter beat with some unwanted lyrics.

Slowly but surely our song began to fade.
Woefully our duet had been outplayed.

I never expected the relationship to plunder.
Maybe we were just a one hit wonder?


That deceptive verse proceeded to play in my head.
Because once again I fell for everything that he said.

And once again he went on to prove me wrong.
I now know it’s the same old beat to the same old song.

This time I was sure his lyrics were true,
but he knew he messed up, even apologized too.

Sadly those words "I'm sorry" have lost their meaning.
Everything he's done wrong is all that he's singing.

That deceptive verse might as well be the chorus.
It seems that's all that ever occurs between us.

That one hit wonder could have had its comeback eventually.
But that deceptive verse replayed itself again, "unintentionally".

That song won't get radio plays ever again.
Because that verse guaranteed all we'll ever be is friends.

Best Friend's Promise

Best friend i promise . . .
to always tell you of the emotions i feel.
Promise to never fake the funk with you and always keep it real.
and if your ever to be hurt, promise to be there to help you heal.

Best friend i promise . . .
to always help you when i can.
Promise to support you and be your number one fan.
and if your ever in a tough situation, promise to come to your rescue like superman!

Best friend i promise . . .
to continue to be your life long friend.
Promise to never let anyone intervene, and never allow our friendship to end.
and i promise you this friendship is not even close to pretend.

Best friend . . .
although this world is full of betrayal,
God has blessed me with an honest friend like you.
and as your best friend i promise i will always remain true.

This, dear friend, is my promise to you [=