Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Friend's Promise

Best friend i promise . . .
to always tell you of the emotions i feel.
Promise to never fake the funk with you and always keep it real.
and if your ever to be hurt, promise to be there to help you heal.

Best friend i promise . . .
to always help you when i can.
Promise to support you and be your number one fan.
and if your ever in a tough situation, promise to come to your rescue like superman!

Best friend i promise . . .
to continue to be your life long friend.
Promise to never let anyone intervene, and never allow our friendship to end.
and i promise you this friendship is not even close to pretend.

Best friend . . .
although this world is full of betrayal,
God has blessed me with an honest friend like you.
and as your best friend i promise i will always remain true.

This, dear friend, is my promise to you [=

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